In Latin iuvo means “help”, “support” and that’s exactly what we strive to do. We aim to support our customers to become successful investors and reach a sustainable growth for their savings. Our business model represents the values of the socially responsible company that we are. We believe in “green-lifestyle” and aspire to promote it by supporting a better life for our community. These values prompted us to create a 1 IUVO coin. Behind our 1 IUVO coin lays the true knowledge of the real value of investments. Each coin teaches us about the care and attention investments take, but in the same time gives us the rewarding feeling of satisfaction once the investment starts to pay off. The most important lesson we get is to understand the meaning of investing in the Nature!

What’s the value of money?

Can you guess what is the value of this coin? Let us reveal you a secret – it’s more than you think! This coin contains 2 seeds of European ash tree. If you want to discover its real value, plant the coin in a pot. It might look naive to you, but if you water it regularly the next spring you might have 2 young trees to plant out in your garden or in the mountain. You can also plant it straight away in a place of your choice!  In 10 years, your trees will produce over half a ton of oxygen, which is the amount enough for a grown-up person in one year. For the same time the fruits of these trees will feed more than 10 generations of 10 different species of birds during the winter season. In 20 years, you will become a proud owner of nearly 2 cubic meters of valuable wood and more than 50 m2 of shadow in the summer, and …the most beautiful golden leaf-fall in the autumn… And much more!

What is the value of 1 IUVO?

... It depends on you!

Invest in the future today!

About iuvo

Iuvo is a P2P investment platform where investors and loan companies get together. We have more than 7000 investors from over 110 countries all around the globe. Our originators are stable developing non-banking financial institutions (Easy Credit, Viva Credit, iCredit, BBG, Fast Finance).Being an investor in iuvo is as easy as to plant 1 IUVO in a pot. We have intuitive registration form and friendly Customer Support Team, who will always guide you with advices when you need them. The average annual yield in the platform is 9.2% and can grow up to 15% for a year. For those who value their time, we offer an “autoinvest” that will invest instead of you following your criteria. With iuvo you don’t need to worry about your money. All credits are with a 100% Buy-back guarantee that keeps it safe.

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